We are TTC again FINALLY

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We are TTC again FINALLY

Hello ladies, it's been a while since I was here but I thought I would jump right into here feeling a little more comfortable here. I see a few names I remember but here is my short story. Had a missed miscarriage in Nov 2010. Found out in Feb 2012 that I have PCOS and unicornuate uterus. We tried what we could afford at the time. I then torn my ACL and needed surgery on in Feb 2013. Recovery went really well and I'm back to by old self now. I will be switching insurance in Jan and it has fertility coverage so we are going to give everything we have for at least the next year.

Just wanted to say hi and good luck to all.

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Hi carin
'Good' to see you back... If you understand what I mean..
I am so glad you are recovered and back on the ttc train!!
I hope your stay here is short and pleasant!!
Hugs and good luck!!!!!

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Hi welcome back!

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Thanks Liz and Jodie!! I'm excited to be trying. Going to start temping again next cycle, should be shortly.

Would love to hear what's been going on. Liz I see you had a little DS. I think you were just finding out when I left. Congrats!!!
I have to get use to checking in here more now. I will.

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Thank carin
Yup... Edward is 3 months now....still in shock we have a son... And hoping to have a sibling soon too!!
Check in regularly.
We missed you xxx

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Hi Carin.
I'm Susan, I have been in and out for years, and not sure if we've talked before. We tried for four years, with completely annovulatory cycles. We finally got the right meds and after one missed miscarriage, we finally think we have a keeper. Smile

I hope you have so much more luck this time, and get to move on and get things going soon!

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Welcome back and good luck! It's great you have coverage in January, I say milk it for all it's worth!!

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Hi Susan and Rachael good to see both of you are expecting. I remember both of you and am so excited for you both. I love coming back and seeing so many with babies or on the way. It just shows me to keep fighting there is a chance for us.