Weird question about HSG test

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Weird question about HSG test

Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't been around much lately. We had to wait on insurance approval, and the holidays were here so I was crazy slammed!

So I finally had my HSG test today, and thank the good Lord it went really well. My nurses were incredible and had me tilt my hips a certain way to compensate for my tilted uterus and it greatly reduced the pain. The Norco helped too Wink

Okay, this may be tmi, but after the test I passed a bouncy-ball sized clot. It didn't hurt but it surprised me. Has anyone else had this happen? I called my docs office and they said only to be worried if I experienced heavy bleeding, which I haven't. It was just so unexpected. I didn't have anything like that after my last HSG test.

Btw, got alot of flow through my right, and I saw it on the screen. Looked just like the textbook. She said there looked like there was flow through the left, but on the screen it looked wonky, like it was down on the bottom ??? Should be some interesting results at my next appointment.

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Yes, from the fluid being pushed through, you may spot/bleed. It is possible that your tube was blocked a little and the force of the fluid pushed out the blockage resulting in you passing it.