Weird symptom + not sure anymore about O day

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Weird symptom + not sure anymore about O day

Last night, I had the weirdest pain in my abdomen. It was like pressure, sort of like a cramp but not like the kind you get with AF. It hurt so bad that I had to take two Tylenol. It reminded me of what it felt like with my last pregnancy (the one that ended in loss, so naturally that worries me).

I'm also not so sure about my O day anymore. It didn't dawn on me yesterday that I had a negative opk the day before (I only took one, which is the one I found in my cabinet). I put in a fake temp for tomorrow, and FF gave me dotted CH's for O'ing on CD 16, so apparently even they aren't sure. Looking at my chart, I also could have O'd on CD 13 or 14 and just had a backdrop temp.

I haven't had the pain today, but it's been kinda uncomfortable at times.

What is going on in there? LOL.

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I can't comment on the weird pain really....although I have heard that some women get pain as soon as they have concieved or as implantation starts!
As to your temps...remember a while back I had the weirdest temps...didn't look like I had o'd but I was up the duff...a cp for me...but....thats just me...not you!
I hope everything will be clearer in a few days!!

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Hmm, by looking at your chart it is hard to say, my chart this month is like yours as well.......CONFUSING!! As for the wierd pains I swear I can feel weird stuff going on kind of like what you have going on at like 4-5 dpo. It sounds crazy but I know it isn't in my head. Sorry I am not much help.... I hope whatever is going on in there will give you a sweet baby in 9 months!!! ((((((HUGS))))))

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I def. had pains with DD but had no idea why. Hope this is it Mary!!

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Sorry I haven't been around, computer issues again. I'm at my MIL's borrowing her laptop right now.

FF did give me CH's for CD 16 (dotted), and they have remained and I'm now 5 dpo (supposedly). After that one day of pain and the next day of being uncomfortable, it went away and I haven't had anything since. In fact, I haven't had any symptoms at all, lol.

This has been one of the most relaxing 2ww's I've ever had. I've managed to not think about it too much (except in church yesterday, which I will talk about in another thread). Maybe it has helped to not have my computer for a couple of days. Smile

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You know Mary i was considering the whole no internet thing but then i miss you guys lol ughh im obsessed !!