Well Of Course!

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Well Of Course!

So you guys know we wanted to stop TTC and we were sticking to the plan. I've been exercising daily for more than a week, eating healthier and just enjoying the time off. LOL! So on Sunday morning we DTD just for fun since it was early on in the cycle. I've been Oing about CD 15 for a while now. Anyway, my cousin (who is pregnant) came over several hours later with a stack of OPK's. So after she left I had to pee and said what the heck and it was BLAZIN POSITIVE!!!! I MEAN DARKER THAN CONTROL LINE!! My eyes almost popped out of my head. Wayyy early!! Later that day I started cramping bad!!! So of course I tested today and it's lighter now, like how it gets after you O. I've got all my post O symptoms as well.

So I just had to share this with you girls. I'm not holding my breath since it hasn't happened in 2 years anyway, but I guess there is a chance this month. HA!! Who would have known.

BTW, do u think the exercising changed my O dates???????? :confused:

**oh and don't bother with the ticker! I can't figure out how to change it. :(. I'm on CD 12 right now, which means I O'd on CD 11.**

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Oooo this is exciting stuff.
Sometimes fate just has a hand.
Exercising could change things I guess but then it may be one of those things. I tend to o between cd 12 and cd 15.
And I have to say on the earlier o I normally catch the egg... Just saying.....
Here's hoping!!!
Keep up the good work... You never know!!!!
Hugs xxxx

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Isn't that how it always happens? Well, best of luck!

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NOPE CAN"T HAPPEN!! I weighed myself and I lost 4 lbs!!!!!!!!! Smile :) LOL!!! I need to loose much more!

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Marisol i got af a whole week early ever since i started exercising! Lets hope for a little bundle!!