What a week (child mentioned)

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What a week (child mentioned)

So here I am on the flip side of a crazy ole week. DS Turned 5 this week. My baby is now turely a little man. He is getting so confident, and growing heaps lately. (He is getting so tall all his shorts are getting too short!) But during the birthday week I was in the midst of another round of IUI. Whilst DH numbers were once again not great, my ovaries played along nicely and at least produce 2 eggs that ovulated. (I felt it twice about 20 hours apart.) It has me thinking we really have been though a very long journey to number 2, when do we give up. It is getting rather emotional again.

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I hear you on the long emotional journey Jodie. I really hope for the best for you from this cycle.

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I really hope that this cycle brings joy!!
Happy birthday to your not so little man xxxx