Where we are now..........

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Where we are now..........

Hi Ladies

This is a spot for us to have our own spaces to fill in all our journey, appointments, info and hopefully finally our BFPs and pics of the LO

Somewhere for you to look back and think...wow I did it!!
Somewhere for your LO to look back one day and think 'wow, my mum really wanted me'.


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Yay! Thanks for posting Smile

I'm Susan (31), my hubby is Tom (46). We have been together 6 years now, married 4. I have two older kids (Megan, 13 next month and Marcus, 11) from a previous marriage. I had these two when I was young and apparently much more fertile... lol We also have a zoo of furbabies! My daughter has a fluffy tiger cat, and I have a big fat siamese too. We have two dogs, a golden and chocolate lab. The chocolate lab is my baby, Joy (and she definitely is!). The golden was gotten to help my son. He has aspergers and he needed a forever close, understanding, friend who has unconditional love. Lucy has helped him and brought him out and they are so happy with each other. It's amazing.

Tom and I have been trying since 2009 for our first baby together. I have PCOS and rarely (if ever) ovulate. I suffer from depression, and that's been hard with infertility and wanting this baby so badly. Because I get so upset and discouraged it's taken me awhile to get to the doctor. I am soooo worried I will hear no, never, you can't, etc. Now I've been to one appointment. And my next is tomorrow. We will see!!

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11/7/12 - Well. That was a huge surprise dr appointment. This dr says she is pretty sure I don't have PCOS like my previous dr seemed to really think. The tests she ordered came back and she says my hormones are not nearly the right level for PCOS. So. Now no one knows why I'm not getting pregnant. She is setting me up with an RE. I'm nervous as hell. She will call me with an appt day and time....

Tried soy this cycle. Might have O'd, just not big signs to really know...

11/26/2012 - Appt is set for this Friday 11/30/12 at 10 AM. Still nervous, but convincing myself that seeing someone is a GOOD thing! I will update after appointment! Smile

12/3/2012 - The dr was fantastic! He told me that while my weight is high, it is likely not the problem as my cycles have never been normal. He says that it seems to him, the thing to do is get me ovulating regularly so that we have our fair shot of getting pg.
So. I walked out with a prescription for provera to induce a cycle. And a prescription for clomid. To try next cycle. We are going to try the 50 mg for one and see if it does make me ovulate, and increase if necessary.
He also scheduled an hsg for day 6-12 of my next cycle when it comes. He says that since I've had any prenancies, it's doubtful that's an issue, but we will check just in case.
He was very optomistic, very happy to help, and not iffy at all! I can't even believe how well it went!
I'm very excited to get going. Started the provera Friday night!

12/10/2012 - CD 1 was 12/08/12 and HSG scheduled for 12/13/2012 at 9am. Starting Clomid Wednesday!

12/13/2012 - HSG!!
It was fast!! I was in and out in about 70 mins.
And my doctor actually came to the hospital too, I didn't realize he would be the one doing it, I thought he just ordered it from there. So that was excellent!

It wasn't too painful. There was alot of cramping, but he said that was because he actually needed to put quite a bit of pressure in to get the dye to flow through the tubes. He said that might actually help me alot!! (I guess they were gunky or twisted or something, and now they are not??) The nurse said the same thing on the way out!
After the dye did go through, he said everything looks great!

YAY!!!! Huge relief!! I am SO Happy!!

He said to do the OPK's and keep up with the clomid, and see if I ovulate. If I'm ovulating, I'll stay on the 50 mg of Clomid for the next two cycles after this one and see what happens!!!

12/20/2012 - Got my very FIRST BLAZING positive OPK stick!!! 5 Days Post-Clomid Test was twice as dark as the control line!!! Now just hope for the temp spike.

01/04/2013 - Well. I did get a huge temp spike but a BFN. I also had an issue with the dr I was seeing. He is not easy to work with, and brushes me off. So I made an appointment with a new fertility clinic. They are awesome, and someone at work said they are the best and the reason he has three babies Smile

I'll keep using the clomid, as the appt is two months away, but I'm very excited!! Appt is Mon Feb 25 at 2pm...

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I'm Michelle (24) and my DH is Lucas (33). We started dating in 2007 and on Aug 19th, 2009 while on vacation in Gatlinburg, Tennessee my husband proposed to me on top of the Smoky Mountains. We dived right into wedding planning and were married less than a year later on July 10th, 2010. We decided in December 2010 that we wanted to add to our family as the only babies we had were our 3 furbabies (cats) Puddy, Lily and Mia.

Which brings us to today, one month shy of our 2 year TTC anniversary. While on this crazy journey I have been to multiple doctors including one RE and no one can come to a conclusion about my infertility. The only thing we know is that my husband passed his semen test with flying colors. I hope one day I can come back to this space and post, "We've done it! We're having a baby!!" But with a heavy heart I am afraid to say I don't think that will happen anytime soon. All I can do is hope and pray for a little one.

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Margaret's Space

I am Margaret (43), DH is Sean (37) and DS is Robbie (7). We live in Edmonton, Alberta which right now is cold and snowy!

I have had severe PCOS, was first diagnosed when I was 16. I have all the classic symptoms. I was also diagnosed with endometrisis 2 years ago.

Robbie is our miracle baby. He was conceived without help other then metformin for my insulin resistance. The pregnancy was pretty uneventful until about 24 weeks. I was then diagnosed with gallstones and Robbie keep his feet at my gallbladder for the next 12 weeks until I was induced at 35w5d. My body fought the induction but I was still in labour for 73 hours before he was born. Not fun but my sweet little boy was healthy and that is all that mattered to me. Robbie was born at 36w1d, 4lbs 12oz, 18 3/4". Here is our first family picture!

New little family, in the NICU. Robbie was about 8 hours old in the picture.

Robbie only had to stay in the NICU for jaundice. And came home on Canada Day. Robbie came home at 4lbs 8oz. This picture is just after arriving home. The outfit he is wearing was for newborns up to 6lbs. It was huge.

The same outfit at 2 months old finally fits nicely!

Robbie has been a healthy and happy boy since day 1. He rarely fussed and was a pleasure. He is now in grade 2 and too smart for me. He is actually being tested for Aspergers right now (as is Sean).

We are now embarking on IUI with injectables as we really want a sibling for our sweet boy.

November 7 - baseline u/s and blood work
November 8 - start 125 IU of puregon
November 13 - follow up u/s and blood work

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My name is Georgia, I'm new to the site. My husband and I are both 25, and have been married 6 1/2 years, and I've been hoping to get pregnant almost every month since then. In April 2010 I was diagnosed with PCOS, but haven't really done everything I possibly could to help myself. However, now that my husband is finally opening up about really wanting a child, I'm want to make some changes. I have tried some things, and my prayers seem to never stop. For the past couple years we have talked about adopting an older kid through foster care, and it wasn't until just this month when he told me what his hold up was. He was afraid that adopting meant we were giving up on having one of our own. I VERY quickly told him that wasn't the case, but that I wanted to be a mom now, and who knew when we would get pregnant. Sounds great right?! We had finally decided that in June we would start doing all the things we needed to do to get ready to start the process. Best morning of the year so far. Then that night we had dinner with his parents...They wanted to talk to us...They want to move in with us just so they can get back on their feet. So that was a few weeks ago. And they are moving in next weekend. And now my husband wants to wait to adopt.
But all hope is not lost. I've been doing so research, (thanks to my sister for sharing so many websites with me when she was ttc), and he said he wanted to try some of the stuff. I used progesterone cream for a week and half, and am starting to use Tribulus. One study showed that 67% of women ovulated within just 2-3 months, and showed great results when tested on rats with PCOS. Took my first pill last night. We aren't telling anyone about our new efforts, except my sister and my mother. We are going to keep the information away from his parents. We will tell them when it happens, but not that we are REALLY ttc. My MIL hasn't always been the most helpful in infertility section. Even though she was one of the first to know that I have PCOS, and I've talked to her in the past about wanting a baby so bad, she always made if seem like it was a choice we were intentionally making. She stopped after she made me cry and leave on day at a family gathering. I explained to her the next day that it really wasn't a case of not trying. So I'm not excited about them moving in, but we couldn't really tell them no.
I'm looking forward to being able to share my story with other people that are in the same boat as me. And to also (hopefully, like my sister has) make some new friends.

After reading back over what I just read, I can't believe how quick things have happened this past month. I hope that it all makes sense.