Wherrrrrrre is AF?????

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Wherrrrrrre is AF?????

Just wanted to say that so she'll stop messing around and show up already! Blum 3

The little spotting I had the past couple of days has disappeared, and no cramps, so... now that I've SAID something about it, I'm sure things will get going again. :rolleyes:

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Did you test??!!

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I tested on 10 dpo and BFN, haven't tested since because I haven't wanted to buy any more tests. If she doesn't show by the end of the day I might go get a test, and either test tonight or wait until in the morning.

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Hey Mary!!!
What dpo are you?????

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Ug! I hate it when she's borderline late. Here's hoping she doesn't show afterall!

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Oh Mary I hope.... Biggrin Keep us posted!

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ETA: I posted this so late last night that I doubt anyone has even read the below yet, so thought I'd just update this post. Temp dropped this morning, so she should be here today. And I misspoke in my post below, it was actually during the night between CD 14 and CD 15 that I had O pain, so it was early morning on CD 15 that I o'd, which would explain why my temp had only just begun to rise on CD 15.

Well she still hasn't shown, but I never went to the store to buy a test. Not sure why, I guess I just don't want to believe she won't show.

Liz - I'm 14 dpo as of today (Sunday), and AF always shows by 14 dpo. I think there may have been like one (maybe two?) exceptions in all my years of charting when she didn't show until 15 dpo.

I guess I will make myself go to the store tomorrow and get a test if she doesn't show by then. I looked back at my chart to see if maybe I o'd one day later than FF thinks I did, but I had distinct o pain during the night between CD 13 and CD 14. There was no mistaking it. So I'm thinking maybe I'm just having a longer than usual LP this month for whatever reason and she'll show tomorrow sometime.

I hope I don't sound negative, just trying to be realistic, kwim?