Whoop, Whoop!! I Oed!!!!

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Whoop, Whoop!! I Oed!!!!

Yay!!! I have Oed on my own 2 cycles in a row!!! Granted I have no idea from which side, but still my body is doing what it should!!! I am for sure feeling it this month though because in the past the increased progesterone that comes from Oing always bothers my tummy and I have been feeling ti hard core for 2 days :puke2:. We did time BDing perfectly so I can only hope that I Oed on the right side.........Oh how nice it would be to get pg with out any help Smile

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Yay!! I totally feel your excitement! Last cycle I actually O'd on my own and it was so exciting!!! I really hope you caught that egg!!!! Keeping my fingers super crossed for you!

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Whoopp catch that eggyy

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It is so exciting to O on your own!! LOL you never realize how exciting it can be until you are anovulatory for awhile. I think my working out, eating better, and weight loss are what is helping, thank God it is starting to pay off!! LOL

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i hope the little runner found the finish line. Wink

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Yay Carissa! Whoop! I hope you get your BFP next week!

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Keeping everything crossed for you!!!
So excited for you!!
Good good Egg!!!

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YAY!!!!! :bighug:

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HUMPH!! FF took away my crosshairs???? I have no idea what is going on with my temps and then today I have a TON of EWCM.....GAAAAAHHHHHHH!!! Well we BDed last night and I guess will continue unil we are sure. I am sure DH won't complain lol.

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Awesome !!! Gl