wish me luck

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wish me luck

well i go back in in the morning to get yet another u/s and more blood work good news is my levels sat were 82 they finally went up a little. I am just praying that my eggs are good size tomorrow cause i do not have enough meds to go past tomorrow. We got our scripts though a commpassionate care program and we really cant afford more. So figers crosksed !!!!

Well I went in today I have a 12,10,9, so no eggs bigenough yet I have one more day on gonal f left then they are gonna give me follitism they have it at the office there so its free . But the best news is my numbers finally hit over 100 they were 128 today so I go back. Again weds so hopefully my eegs grow fast and I can be done then

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GL tomorrow! I hope your levels are where they need to be and you will O soon.

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Good luck!!
Keep us posted!!!

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G/L -- KUP!

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Good Luck!!

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Good luckkk!! KUP!!

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Hope all went well today!!

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Glad you were able to get the follistim from the office for free. That's great news. Hopefully your follies will continues to grow!

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Great news! Wishing you the very best! :bighug:

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Thinking of you!!!! Please let us know how everything is going for you!!! Smile :bigarmhug: