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Seriously... That's the best way I can phrase it. I think AF showed today... ON CD 21???? WTF? This has never happened to me. In 57 cycles, my shortest was 26 days. She's a whole 9 days early! A 20 day cycle!

What else could it be though? Yes, DH suggested implantation bleeding but this seems too heavy. Don't have cramps really though. I got a positive OPK on CD 14 so I'm incredibly confused. Also incredibly mad as I'm in St. Louis, MO for a wedding this weekend and I didn't bring much supplies with me. When we left this morning I thought it was just spotting but packed a few tampons and panty liners just in case. Glad I did as it was full blown by half way through our trip down. I had to sneak in on a ride to the store with a friend so I could stock up.

So much for a weekend in a hotel with DH relaxing. Sad :(

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:bigarmhug: that sounds soo frustratinggg argghh!! Were you under any stress?

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That sucks! I have had periods like that and it totally ruins everything. :bighug:

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Leftover from the last cycle (i.e., drugs screwed up your cycle?). Call your doctor? He may want to check you LP?


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Bummer! Sorry AF had to show up while you are on vacation. My cycle before this one I had the exact same thing happen. My cycle was only 19 days total????

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That is a bummer! I've had really short cycles too, and spent the first few days, like you, WTF?!

Hopefully your body resets itself after this! Enjoy your weekend anyway!

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Thanks girls. I'm still annoyed but oh well. What's weird is I have no cramps whatsoever. I'm so confused...

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I hope your doc can give you some answers. :confused: