Creative Siggy Makers needed (xp Missy)

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Creative Siggy Makers needed (xp Missy)

Hosts -- please post this on your boards asap:

In looking around we have seen sooo many awesome and definitely unique signatures around! One of the most frequent requests I get are from members looking for help in creating a special signature to showcase their family.

With that in mind we are going to be launching a Signature Design team! This team will consist of our talented volunteers recruited from throughout the site that are willing/able to consider members' request for siggie pics.

If interested please Email Us with your username. Once we have a group of volunteers, we'll be meeting with them to let them brainstorm about how we can make this a successful fun program for them to be involved in without being a burden. Smile

Thanks in advance for your consideration!


I hope all you talented girls contact her!! Like MrsCliffy right gf?! Wink