Im 36 and feel really old...

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Im 36 and feel really old...

Im TTC and my kids are ages 6 and 4. I go to a Moms of Preschoolers meeting where most moms are in their early 20's. I look around there and just feel so old! I was 30 when i had my 1st, 33 with my 2nd so i was late to start my family but was in Ohio so it's kinda the norm there. Im now in SC and it seems like people tend to start earlier.

Anyone else out there feel like this? 36 shouldn't feel this old but i feel so out of place sometimes!

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I am 38 and I feel this way! I had kids early too, but now when I go to toddler story time and to playgrounds...I sometimes wonder if Im closer in age to some of the younger grandparents...or to the young moms! The first time I looked around the library and had that heart sank! but...SOOO many women are having kids later in life...Im trying not to think about it too much!! Im trying extra hard to eat great, exercise moderately, and get rest. Im avoiding anything that could have a negative impact on the pregnancy...and Im trying to be positive about things...but sometimes...I do not feel like I fit in with the young kids parents. My middle school and elementary school...I feel totally at home...but the little ones...its a little hard! Im in nc...and from NY so I totally agree with you!

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I feel you too! I am 36 as well and will be TTC #2 this winter. I had my first a few months before I turned 35. I am the oldest of all the siblings/spouses on DH's side of the family and they are all having babies too. The good thing is that most of my friends had/are having babies late too, but I don't see them very often bc we all moved to various locations and all live about an hour away from one another.

My daughter started part-time daycare this year but I haven't met any of the other parents yet. I'm sure I'll be up there on the age spectrum.

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Completely understand the feeling! I had my first one month before my 37th birthday. Now I'm 38 and we're TTC #2. I know other women close to my age who are grandmothers. Then again, I also have an older sister who just turned 42. She has a baby turning 1 later this month. Just remember that we're all mothers and, hopefully!, have our childrens' best interests in mind. Even though we may be at a different stage in life we all have something to bring to the table.

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I feel ya, I do. I had my 1st at 28, my 2nd at 30 and my 3rd at one month shy of my 37th!! A co-worker's 16 year old daughter was due 2 weeks before me - talk about feeling old!!!

Try not to feel too bad. My neighbor had her 3rd at 40. We might be a bit older than other moms but there are advantages to that too.

GL to all of you - I hope your TTC journey is a quick one!!!

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Lurking - I live in SC..Moved from NJ 5 yrs ago. I understand your feelings...I am an older mom as well....My first that made it, I was 43, my second at age 45. I am now 47. You hang in there...You will do just fine Smile ..You have lots to bring to the table! Patience and wisdom to name a few Smile

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thanks ladies! Yes you are right, i know i have so much more patience then i did in my 20's so maybe waiting till my 30's makes me a better mom? I didn't even get married till i was 25 so I wasn't thinking about kids in any way till i was 29...

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Hello i am 36 and i have 4 children ranging from 17 to age 3 and now working on our 5th and last. I wondered the same thing but have heard of so many other women pregnant at a late age. I am scared of some of things that you hear when they say after age 35, but feel confindent enough to say things will be fine. Its nice to see other ladies on here as well that are around our age, makes ya feel not so alone anymore which is awesome. I with you all luck.

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I had my first and only at the age of 44. He's turning 2 in 2 mos and his mommy is now 46.
Personally, I'm happy that I waited. There's no way I could have ever afforded him back 20 yrs ago. Oh and the patience??? Back 20 yrs ago, I don't even think I knew what that word meant! I think I'm enjoying being a mom more than I would have back then...
One thing I absolutely, positively HATE are the idiots that speak before they think... I've been called my son's grandmother more than I'd like to count. A lot of women are waiting to have kids now. When will the rest of the world catch up?
There was actually a 20 something girl on fb that commented on Michelle Duggar's pregnancy recently (19 kids and counting) I was so &^ssed!! She basically said that women having children after they are 35 are just setting their kids up for failure... needless to say, she got a piece of my mind.
I guess because I waited (he wasn't planned btw) I'll have to deal with the ignorance of people commenting on my "grandson" but as far as I see it, I'm one lucky and thankful 46 year old mommy of one and wouldn't change it for the world!

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I'm not currently TTC, but I had my daughter 3 years ago at 43 and can't imagine having her at any other time in my life. I've only gotten the "grandmommy" comment or question a couple of times, but I'm fortunate to have a small circle of moms who had kids in the 35+ group; a woman at church had her first at 48. I'm cool with younger moms too, don't spend too much time with them socially but everyone has a perspective that's different than yours so I enjoy chatting with some of the moms I meet at her pre-school or other places.

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I am now 42 and my son was born I was 39..... yes I go to "kid stuff" and I am the older mom or may be some think "I am the grandma" ROFL

But I am older and wise and I enjoy every minute of my baby since I know now we are TTC for over 2 yrs and nothing so my body is telling me something.. "ENJOY YOUR BABY" Smile