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    Red face New "old" lady TTC

    Hey y'all,

    I swear, if you read the papers and listen to the medical news, you'd think that once you turn 35, your eggs turn to quiche and there are tumbleweeds rolling down your fallopian tubes.

    Husband and I are working on a bebe. I am having a weird issue right now that I will post in another forum but I wanted to say hi.

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    Welcome! I'm currently pregnant with baby #3; due June 22. I turn 40 in December; so there is most definately hope!!
    Me: Christa, 41
    DH: Craig, 47 (Married: 8/19/05)
    DD: Kendall Evelyn (10/6/06)
    DS: Quentin Vincent (4/14/09)

    : November 2012@ 10 weeks (due date: 6/22/13)
    : June 2013 @ 7-1/2 weeks (due date: 2/10/14)
    : December 2013 @ 4 weeks (due date: 8/9/14)
    : April 2014 @ 4 weeks (due date: 1/1/15)
    : July 2014 @ 4 weeks - Chemical (due date: 3/5/15 )

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    Hi. I am 37 and am 9 weeks pregnant. There are some issues with being older, fatigue for one but we will get through that. Good luck. Let's show them that us old ladies still can have babies.

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    Default TTC heck with over 35, try over 40 :-)

    I'm 43 and TTC since 41 with my significant other. I have a 13-year old daughter born without difficulty, then miscarried when she was three years old... no further attempts until I met my current partner. So far we have had one early miscarriage, one IVF which resulted in pregnancy and again miscarried in the first trimester... we had also tried Clomid and injections only without success. We decided to take a break from the chemical interventions and I have been supplementing with Vitex, DHEA, CoQ10 and high doses of Omega 3s for over 6 months... this month I had a positive pregnancy test and I am now surprisingly 5 weeks pregnant. Crossing our fingers we get over the miscarriage hurdle... my first ultrasound is next Friday and we are praying for a heartbeat!

    Also, I also have very low AMH (<.16) which is considered almost nonexistant ovarian reserve. But then, it only takes one good egg

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