'New Year, New You' Challenge: Final days to join!

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'New Year, New You' Challenge: Final days to join!

It's time once again for Pregnancy.org's "New Year, New You" Challenge sponsored by our Biggest Loser Club (BLC)! This challenge is open to everyone! Those trying to conceive will find getting healthier can improve their fertility chances! Currently expecting? You'll be impacting both you AND your baby by making healthier lifestyle choices! Postpartum and those actively parenting will see improved energy levels rise -- perfect for (trying to!) keep up with those kiddos that are constantly on the move!

Our BLC has recognized that while shedding inches and pounds may be the goal for some, their primary focus is to help challenge participants create healthy lifestyle habits that can truly be life changing... not only for the individual but for the family as well!

This challenge will run for six weeks -- January 20th through March 2nd. As this time of year tends to be one of renewed commitments, our quest will be to 'resolve' a healthier body - inside & out! Invite your friends (incl. from your social media groups!) and family. You can make your own team or be assigned to one -- whichever you prefer. Six short weeks. Completely free with you in control of your own goals. Don't you deserve the chance to at least try it out?

Deadline for sign ups will be January 16th! Read on to learn more:

New Year, New You Challenge! (How it works!)