Pregnancy or Menopause?

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Pregnancy or Menopause?

Hi first I am not trying to get pregnant.
I am 3 weeks late for my period,I am never late.
Can menopause come so quickly?
My husband and I have not used BC for many years.
I have taken my temps and they are staying post O upper 97s-lower 98s.
pre O temps low 97s.
I just turned 50
Thanks for any help.

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Any updates? I've heard that at the early stages of menopause you can actually be quite fertile Smile

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any update? I'm curious as to how this all turned out!

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Okay ... Where are you? I wanna know too!! Also, I AM LATE AND WONDERING THE SAME THING! 2 yrs from 50yrs old!...I am not trying either - just being careful to abstain for 11 day window. I have been on strong meds tho for a left side body problem....muscle relaxers and Ibuprofin 600mg....This could have messed up my cycle. Let us know? (I used to post frequently here 5 yrs ago!!! Was just checking in Smile )