8 dpo....

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8 dpo....

and I think I may have just gotten a bfaintp!!!

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Um, that's not even faint! I can see it without squinting!!! Smile congratulations!!!

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Not faint at all!!


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Ummm, soooooo NOT faint!!! That's a BFatP!!

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Thank you ladies!!! I don't think I'll believe it until I get confirmation from my dr, because I have never gotten a bfp this early before! I am so excited, but worried at the same time!

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Congrats! There is nothing faint about that line at all!

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Even I can see it! Wink Congratulations! Biggrin

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And, yeah, that's not faint. Faint tests have me squinting and adjusting my monitor. Lol

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Yay BFPs!!!!! Congratulations girl!

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SO not faint....especially for 8DPO! That is an awesome loud-and-clear BFP! Congrats!

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That is what we call a BLAZING BFP!!!

:party: CONGRATS!!! :party:

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Thank you ladies!!! I seriously thought that I was imagining a line there though because I wanted to see one so bad.