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Hi everyone.

I pop in here and the birth board du jour occasionally, but I really havent felt like chatting much lately. With my last two we got preggers the month before 'trying' and we have been trying for this one for about 4 months now. I know thats not really that long, but I feel like something has changed since my DS and I am broken now and cant get preggers. I know thats stupid, so I try to just not think or talk about the whole thing.

Anyways, I saw something on one of the boards about Advil effecting fertility, and I was hoping someone could direct me to more information about this. My biggest question is whether it is just my fertility that is effected by taking Advil, or if DH's little swimmers are effected when he takes it?

Thanks Ladies.

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I have honestly never heard of this. When I'm not TTC, pregnant, or nursing , I avoid most medications though (I'll take tylenol or advil occasionally). When TTC, pregnant, or nursing (which has been my state for about 5 years now) I limit medications even further. When we went through fertility treatments this was never a question I asked because it wasn't a concern. I will say that my DH was taking Advil regularly for joint pain during our fertility treatments and his sperm count, motility, and morphology were all excellent. That's my anecdotal two cents. Medications, alcohol, and smoking can all affect sperm though.

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There have a been a few recent news stories on the subject. The most recent suggests that taking Advil (or other NSAIDs like Aleve) while TTC can significantly increase the risk of miscarriage. You can Google stories in a few places, but actually has a page on the subject:

I've heard some discussion of Advil affecting both the quality of the uterus lining, and also with it affecting your date of O (which did happen to me at a time I was taking it for a few weeks for a toothache.) Personally, I've stopped taking it completely except to relieve cramps during AF...when I figure it isn't going to hurt anything. I haven't heard anything about it having a negative impact on DH or his swimmers.

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I have heard that you should not take advil or ibuprofen just tylenol and acetaminophen when pregnant or TTC. I not sure why but I have always stuck to that.

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I read somewhere that taking advil can impede ovulation. I can't remember where I read it or I would give you the website and I don't know if it's true or not but I have a lot of old gymnastics injuries so I usually take a good bit of advil. After reading that, just in case, I don't take advil anywhere close to when I ovulate and I don't take it during the 2WW. Hope this helps. Good luck!

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I know that there are a number of studies out there that have found that taking Advil/ibuprofen during pregnancy can affect the fertility of a male fetus (ie it will affect his fertility later in life). I haven't come across anything that deals with Advil and fertility while TTC.

I know how you feel, it took me little more than a wink and a bottle of wine to conceive DD. And then it took almost 6 months to conceive this one...I thought for sure something was "broken" with me. DH was taking all kinds of painkillers when we were TTC b/c he had just had surgery, so I asked my doc if that was affecting his swimmers. My doc said no, just that DH's sperm count was just on the low side for whatever reason and it would take a bit longer for us to conceive...and that's exactly what happened.

Has your DH had his sperm count tested? I've heard that some docs will make you wait a long time before they will do one, but my doc was really great and had us do one after about 4-5 months of TTC.

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Wow. Advil is my go-to drug for menstrual cramps. But in order for it to be effective at all, I have to take it for days before AF shows. I had never heard that it was bad for TTC, but there's really no getting around it. If I don't take it and I don't get pg, I am in a really awful state. I mean, it's bad even with Advil, but it's much worse when I do nothing.

OTC pain-killers other than NSAIDs don't work At. All. So I really don't have much of a choice. However... hopefully after surgery I won't need them at all anymore. Biggrin