AF :(

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AF :(

She's here. I'm pretty sure it's her. Last night it was just light pink on the TP only and I was thinking it could be implantation bleeding. But today there is more and it's very dark. Doesn't seem like my normal AF, but also seems like too much to be IB. Sad The only thing that I have to be happy about if it is AF is that my cycle was shorter than it has been. This one was 33 days and for the last 3 cycles off BC I'd been averaging 45-47 days. More cycles = More chances.

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Da*n witch... I'm sorry. That's really great that your cycles are regulating though! I too had some pink on the tp last night. I'm expecting AF tonight/tomorrow. Our cycles will be really close, fun! lol Do you chart? I can't stalk your chart if you don't have one... SmileSmileSmile

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Just got mine today. A 23 day cycle this time after a 35 day cycle last time. Annoying. But we can be waiting to o buddies now :0)