Alcohol intolerance early pregnancy symptom?

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Alcohol intolerance early pregnancy symptom?

Hey there! I'm not actually TTC but DH and I had a bit of a slip up 3 days before O. We DTD 2 times in one hour without urination in between. I know the chance of pregnancy is so low but I've been having all these weird things happening and I don't even know that they are pregnancy symptoms until I google them. One of them was st 5 DPO I had 2 1/2 glasses of wine at night. I LOVE my wine and that really isn't that much for me. Enough to make me feel tipsy sure but that night I was so drunk that while I was trying to go to sleep the room was spinning and then when I got up in the morning (went to bed at 10:30) STILL felt drunk and felt hungover and just WEIRD until the afternoon of the next day! Has anyone ever heard of that being a pregnancy symptom? When I googled it I saw a couple people say that it had happened to them in early pregnancy?

And just another weird thing that I didn't know was a pregnancy symptom until I googled it was heart palpitations. At 7 DPO at night I had like half a dozen heart palpitations while trying to go to sleep.