Any experience with progesterone suppositories?

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Any experience with progesterone suppositories?

Hi everyone.

Anyone taken progesterone suppositories before? I just stopped them after a BFN 14 DPO. I usually have a 10 day LP max, so they definitely helped with that problem, but of course I am upset because of no BFP. My BBT chart looks just perfect too.

Anyway, I am sure I'll get the temp drop and bleeding within a few days. I am looking for anyone out there who has taken these, with success! Also, since I normally have a much shorter LP than this, what have people experienced the next cycle? I was so hopeful this time (again) and now I am so discouraged. The harder I try, the worse the disappointment is.

I know this board has a lot of new TTC people who probably aren't trying this yet, but I still fit into the 0-24 month category right now.

Thank you.