Anyone in the 2ww?

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Anyone in the 2ww?

We aren't technically trying right now, but I *should have* O'd on about Monday, so I'd be in the 2WW now. Is it wrong if I kinda hope AF won't show each month and we get a surprise? DH is entirely too consistent with the condoms for it to be likely, but I can't help but hope.

Funny story: I have been feeling very fatigued lately and both times that has been one of my first and most present symptoms. The other day I was feeling so fatigued I actually considered POAS to just make sure. Then I realized that I should have O'd the day before and that pregnancy was virtually impossible at that moment. That fatigue can really mess with your mind.

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Yup i'm stuck here again. Af should be here in a week

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I'm in the 2WW too! I expect AF July 8th.

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I have no idea. FF has given me CH twice and taken them away and now they are back.

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I am here! 6 dpo today af around july7/8 hopefully not though and I gets bfp instead Wink

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Well I am now. I should be (as closely as I can calculate) 1 dpo now. We dtd for the few days leading up to and then right on the date of ovulation. We shall see...

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I am here as well. I haven't received my crosshairs yet but I know I o'ed on Tuesday. I received a positive OPK, had ovulation cramps, then we DTD. So I am hoping to have a BFP by July 18th.