Anyone else do shift work or night work??

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Anyone else do shift work or night work??

Hey ladies,

I'm an RN. I work three 12hr overnight shifts a week. A while ago (while using the implanon for birth control) my periods stretched out, lasting 3 weeks, with 5 weeks in between, for a total cycle length of 8 wks. Abnormal cycles and spotting are frequent with the implanon. I attributed it to that, my OB agreed, and that was it. It's probably been that way for almost a year, but I'm off bc now and TTC.

My OB thought my periods would straighten out right away, which is typical with the implanon, as most women are fertile within 24-48hrs of removal. BUT that hasn't happened. And now I'm worrying that it was my sleep schedule and shift work that caused the irregular periods.

Either way, with my cycles lasting 8 weeks I have no idea when I ovulate. And I'm getting really bummed. My husband thinks I should just call the OB and make an appt since I'm concerned. But I feel as if they'll think I'm crazy for calling when I've only been off bc for a month and a half and I'm already freaking myself out.

Anyway, I'm really hoping someone here has some light to shed. Thanks for listening to me ramble Smile

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How long has it been since it was removed? I imagine it would take a while for the hormones to work out of your system.
I worked second shift for the first month we were TTC and DH worked a weird modified overnight, so we had like 15 minutes after he came home or I came home to see each other, and I chalk not getting pregnant that first month up to that. The second month I bought ovulation predictor tests and it worked.

Have you tried charting or the OPKs? I imagine with the odd shift it might make charting a bit harder but the OPKs would work easily enough.'s picture
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Thanks for the reply!

I did order some OPKs for this cycle! Hopefully that helps. I'm feeling good about this month. Maybe I'm just excited to pee on all these sticks! If it doesn't happen this month, were gonna JLIH for a bit, as I really am not thrilled to have a Nov - Dec EDD, so I don't plan on putting in extra effort ... Murphy's law though, that's probably when it would happen. I guess it would be a good excuse not to have to host 25 people for Christmas dinner Smile

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I don't work overnight, but I do have to get up at 3 in the morning to get to work on time and I NEVER get any sleep. As far as I know, the weird sleep cycles never affected my ovulation. I'd say just give it a few more weeks to get back to normal. Even when I was on the pill, coming off of bc made my periods whacky for about 2 months.