Approaching my 2 year milestone

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Approaching my 2 year milestone

Two cycles from now, I'll have reached the 2 year TTC 'milestone'. We are somewhat laid back about TTC, which I think is a good thing. We lost all the babies I conceived back when we were putting tons of effort into TTC (charting, making ourselves dtd even when we didn't feel like it, etc), so neither of us wants to go back to that. But I do sometimes feel like we'd be having more success if we were pushing for it. I also feel like that's what the doctor will say to me if/when I go see a specialist. But I do know when I O, and have definitely been many well-timed opportunities every month for 22 months. You'd think that would be enough....

And it's not like there are many options left to us. Most of the fertility treatments aren't options to us. Even if we would consider them (and we won't even consider many of them), we can't afford them after my endometriosis surgery. I also figure we should give the surgery time to 'work' before going to see a RE. It's only been 3 months, after all. But it's still a bit frustrating.

DH and I wanted a large family - 4 or 5 children. I suppose that can still happen, theoretically. But I'm turning 30 this year, and while that's not old at all, it's not good news for our plans, not with our fertility struggles.

I don't know why I'm so down about this. It's still really soon after my surgery. There's no reason to believe it hasn't worked, and for all I know I could easily get pregnant in the next month or two. And, really, I'm enjoying being a mother of one. It would be so hard to have another baby with DD being the needy and high strung child she is. But something about that 24 month milestone approaching is making me feel like it will never happen....

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:bigarmhug: Those annual milestones brought out those feelings in me, too. I hope you have success soon!

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I'm sorry you are feeling down :bighug: I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that you get pregnant soon with a sticky bean so the RE and further treatments won't be necessary.

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I just wanted to offer you a BIG HUG.

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I really hope the surgery helps you get hour bfp soon!

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Sorry about the milestone...and that you are feeling down. I am right about at 2 years myself TTC this one, and it just feels like it's never going to happen.

I really hope you get a BFP soon. It's still early after your surgery. I know what it feels like to have a vision of a bigger family and to have it feel out of reach.

If most medical therapies are out of the question.....have you considered any alternative therapies? Like acupuncture/herbs, etc? I haven't done any herbs, but acupuncture really helped normalize my cycle, even though I didn't get pg. Maybe that might help. Good luck!

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I'm so sorry! this is so frustrating and it's so hard to go through every month. have you talked to your OB at all? Do you chart? maybe you just arent' ovulating and it can be an easy fix? I know i always wanted 5 kids and we started way too late. they put it in your head that women are having children later in life blah blah blah but then they fail to mention if you wait it may be more difficult. I started at 30 and regret that. but it's not impossible! I had my daughter on my 30th and my son right before I turned 33 so if i kept having them every 2 yrs or so I could have 4 by now. I just stopped cuz i thought i was done. so it's still possible for you ... you are young!

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Have you heard of StaminoGro...a vita for men and women. After my D & C, the month I started using it, that month I was blessed with my daughter Smile