August Chat!

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August Chat!

How are you feeling about TTC this month? What's new in your life? Let's chat it up!

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Feeling good about this cycle! Let's just hope it happens for real!

New? Well today I took exam 4 of 7 of my architectural licensing exams. Huge stressor since I've failed it twice already. I've been studying since early May. Then I get to work and my only remaining co-worker (there were 4 of us last year) announced that she is quitting to be a SAHM. I'm happy for her, I truly am, but I'm also slightly worried that I will have to train someone and we have a huge deadline at the beginning of October. Typically for this kind of deadline we would need 4 months, but we made some promises and it is what it is. Lots of late nights in my future!

Anna, what about you?

Everyone else? It looks like a bunch of people joined recently! Excited to chat with you ladies!!

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Hello! This is going to be cycle #2 of ttc #2 (once af shows her ugly face). I am feeling pretty positive about the next cycle. I am going to do temps and opk's this cycle so I hope we catch that eggie! Nothing new in my life other than starting to ttc!