August Testing Thread

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August Testing Thread

When are you planning on testing this month? Where are you in your cycle?

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I'm 5dpo and I've already tested. I got a bunch of wondfos, so I don't see my self holding out at all. I will probably test until BFP or AF. Better be a BFP though.

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Think I'm about 4dpo, but I'm just guessing by CM. I finally got a BBT today, and can't wait to start temping too! I am also guilty of testing already, just because I'm not sure when I Od. I also have a bunch of wondfos so why not satisfy that POAS urge? Biggrin

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I won't be testing this month, but good luck to the ladies who are! I hope to join you next month!

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Well, I say I will O on Mon. and FF says Wed. So FF and I are pretty much on the same page - I will test on the 25th. I am hoping I can hold out that long. LOL I just ordered some IC's, so I promised myself I would NOT go out and buy a test. I would just sit tight and wait until my order comes. Good luck everyone!! XOXOXO

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according to FF I am on cycle day 4....though after some convos on other boards it may not have been AF that came but breakthrough bleeding from stopping the pill? SO I am not really sure if I am on cycle day 4 or if I am on cycle day 21? (if it was breakthrough and not actually AF) I probably won't test until the end of the month. I only have one test here and its an expensive one.... SO that will help me not test early! (unless I get some cheapies somewhere)