Back after 2 years and TTC again!

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Back after 2 years and TTC again!

Hello there!

I am on day 1 of my cycle and DH and I finally realized (after a half-hearted try and a BFN last cycle) that we really want #2. I can't wait to be PG again.

DD will be three in November and has been asking for a baby to live at our house. I would really like to give her one.

Cross your fingers that we hit is this cycle. I will be temping starting tomorrow, so we'll see what happens. Smile

Baby dust to all of you (and a little sprinkled on my head, too). It's nice to be back!


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Glad to have your here! Smile Hoping you get lucky this cycle!

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Welcome back! Hope your stay on this board is short. Smile

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Welcome and good luck!

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Welcome! We have been TTC for a year now... I remember you from the December board... unfortunately for us, we might end up with the reproductive endocrinologist...