BFN :-(

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BFN :-(

It's CD 26 and somewhere between 11 and 13 dpo. I used a dollar store test, which are pretty sensitive.

Ugh, I hate testing early. I always wait until AF is late... but with the progesterone, I decided I needed to test early and often. But it's so heartbreaking to get a BFN. Sad

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I agree! I'm rather frustrated with DS right now (he's pretty much become a non sleeper), but I still found myself rather disappointed when I got a BFN yesterday. I'll test again tomorrow and if it's still negative looks like I'll be brining pads with me on my weekend trip! Boooooooooooo.

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Sorry to hear. I know how exactly how it feels and it's no fun. That is one thing I hate about taking the progesterone......having to take HPT's. I am 11DPO today and already dreading looking at another BFN.