BFN but no AF

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BFN but no AF

This is my first cycle TTC# 2. I have taken a few tests and all BFN, but AF was supposed to start yesterday and still nothing. This is the first cycle off BCP, so not sure if that is the reason...

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I'd definately just hang in there!!

I always had 28 day cycles before BCP and during, and after I got off I once had a 39 day cycle!! It can take a little bit to get back to normal, especially being the first month off.

Also, I wouldnt quite count yourself out, right after coming off BCP you could of ovulated really late, so there HPTS might not come up positive quite yet!

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Do you know when you ovulated? If not, it could be that you ovulated late. Or not even ovulated yet (been known to happen when first coming off BCP). When TTC DS I had a 60 something day cycle randomly once. That was crazy even for me, but because I was charting then I knew it was because I hadn't ovulated yet. It was just a freak cycle and definitely not my norm!

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My first month off BC I had a 24 day cycle, then the next one was 30. So there could be some flux in there due to coming off the pill. GL! Hope this is your month!

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I'd say if AF doesn't show in a couple days, test again, since you could still be getting a BFN this close to your normal AF. Also could be your period will be wacky for a few months while you are getting the BCP out of your system.