BFN and feeling bummed

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BFN and feeling bummed

Hey gals. I tested yesterday with a FRER test and got a BFN at 10 DPO. I tested again today with a FRER test and got another BFN...11DPO

Is it just too soon to test? Fertility Friend says that 50% of women get BFPs this early. And my AF should be MISSED hopefully on the 23rd. So I'm 5 days from my missed period Today.

Just feeling bummed because I don't know how to read my cervix. Still learning the CM thing. I haven't been taking my basal temp consistently. So I really don't know what's going on.

I had some nausea and dizziness but we went out of town this weekend and it wasn't so bad. DH thinks we may have allergens in the house coming from our air conditioner that causes the nausea and dizziness.

My boobs had also felt pretty full and they were sooooo sore and my nipples were sore too. Now they don't feel full. They're still a little sore and my nipples are sensitive but not sore.

IDK. I'm starting to think that my "symptoms" were just random things and I got excited. Feeling really bummed now tho. But it's only our first cycle. I guess I shouldn't have really thought we would get pregnant on our first cycle after having my tubes untied.

I've also not had any spotting so I'm wondering if I ever implanted at all. Sad

Anyway...any advice?

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All I can say is it isn't over until it is over. With my last pregnancy, I started testing at 8 dpo because I was getting incredibly nauseous on the ride to work. Some things that normally trigger migraines for me, weren't triggering migraines (only happens when pregnant). I felt like I was going crazy because I knew I was pregnant but the tests kept saying negative. I didn't get a positive until 13 dpo (the day before AF).

With my first pregnancy, it took about 7 months of good timing. Spotting doesn't mean anything. The one time I had spotting was my loss so I don't know if that means anything. I know other people who had spotting and had successful pregnancies.

Good luck!

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A BFN sucks, but in your case it is entirely possible that you are testing too early. I had a friend once who got a BFN one day and a BFP the very next day. Give it another few days and POAS again or wait until Friday to see if AF shows her ugly face. I don't think you should count yourself out yet though. KUP!

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Sorry you got a BFN. Hopefully it is just too early. Don't give up til AF shows! Good luck to you! Smile

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I tested the day OF my missed period with my son and the line was still so faint I had to ask my best friend and her sister to look at it to make sure I wasn't seeing things and then had to confirm with a digital. It ain't over until AF sings! Good luck!