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Big decision

Made a BIG decision today. After waking up to a complete hormonal nutcase freak out I decided it's time to say good bye to the Clomid. I just can't handle what it does to me anymore and the 2WW has been harder because I get my hopes up so much more. My progesterone was almost 40 this month and it appears still no pregnancy. It's just time to take a break from the fertility meds. I may try Femara soon but for at least the month of December I'm not going to take anything. I took a test this morning after my freak out and it was positive...very very faint but looked positive, and this was on a dollar test. I've had false positives with those tests recently so I tested again with a FRER and it was negative. I'm pretty sure I'm out this cycle and probably for a while in the future now. I hate that it came to this but I just feel it's time that I make this decision so that I can stop being tortured so much each month. Hopefully we'll have a miracle soon. Smile

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I am so sorry for everything you had to go through with Clomid. My fingers are crossed for you that maybe just maybe next cycle will be the time for your BFP and you won't have to worry about any of the fertility medications. Best of luck to you hun!

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Sounds like it's time for a break. This time of year can be particularly hard and adding extra hormones doesn't seem to help anyone. I will say that femara didn't have all the s/e of clomid. The tww is still tough, but at least you don't get the headaches and stuff.