Birth Control Concerns

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Birth Control Concerns

Hi all,

I have a concern regarding birth control and am hoping to gather some opinions, advice, etc. I've been on the same birth control pill for a little over ten years - I am now 25 years old. The first concern I have is the possible consequences of using birth control for such a long period of time without a break. I'm wondering if anyone has experienced any negative effects of long term use when trying to conceive. Secondly, my fiance and I are getting married in just under three months and have discussed trying to conceive shortly afterwards. I'm unsure whether to stop the birth control pills now to ensure it's out of my system or to wait until after the wedding (mainly, because of the reported side effects of acne, scattered periods, etc., etc.). Can anyone speak to their experiences when stopping birth control?

Thank you!

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Everyone is different when coming off BC. My sister stopped taking it and was pregnant the next month, other people it takes awhile to regulate after coming off. So it is really up to you when you come off of it.

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I was on Cyclessa birth control for 3 years and when my husband and I decided to come off of it to try to conceive, I started getting bad acne (which I never had ever in my life) and my periods became extremely irregular. I would wait until after the wedding because of the possibility of you developing acne and also because coming off the pill (for me anyways) was painful. I would get severe cramping way before my period was even coming.

However, we have been ttc for over 7 months now and nothing. Not quite sure if the pill is to blame or really it is whatever you decide is the right thing to do Smile

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I would consult my doctor before had to be completely safe or do your research first . Regardless you have to get off bc but the timing is whats most important

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I was on Ortho-Tricylen for 5 years before coming off to try to conceive. I stopped the pill in September 2007 and we started trying right away. Most doctors will suggest you stop 3 months before trying to conceive, so your body has time to adjust without all the hormones and you can chart your cycles and get an idea of what your cycles are going to be like without the pill. But we just sort of decided that month that we wanted to start trying, so I never re-newed my prescription. My 1st cycle off the pill was pretty normal, I got a perfect 28 day cycle. The 2nd and 3rd cycle off the pill was a little weird, the 2nd cycle was short (under 20 days), the 3rd cycle was long (30+ days). But by the 4th cycle off the pill, I was back to normal again and AF was arriving every 28 days on the dot.

We tried for 6 months and got our 1st positive in March 2008. Sadly, that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage. We prevented that summer and started trying again in late August 2008 and it took us nearly 1 1/2 years to get pregnant again in January 2010. Again, that pregnancy ended in a miscarriage too.

We've been to numerous doctors over the years and we have both been tested. I have been given a clean bill of health, all my hormone levels are completely normal and I ovulate on my own -- so obviously being on the pill for 5 years didn't harm me. We know what the problem is now and it happens to be with SO!! :confused:

I think the 1st step for you would be to contact your GYN and go from there.

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** Lurker **

I was on BCP for 10 years before I got pg with my DD. I never took a break in that time period.

I stopped taking the pill in December 2007 and was pregnant in April 2008.

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I was on Triphasil for 12 years. It took 7 months to conceive DD1. I started temping right after I went off the pill and ovulated day 14 and had a 28 day cycle. Every couple months, my luteal phase increased by a day until I got to a 30 day cycle (drives you nuts when TTC). I noticed no difference with skin or weight.

While nursing I went on micronar (sp?) for 15 months with no problems. After I stopped nursing, I went back to Triphasil for about 8 months. While we were starting to think of TTC #2, we weren't quite ready but I felt like I was in PMS mode 3.5 out of 4 weeks :rolleyes: I did notice a huge difference emotionally once I stopped the Pill. I thought we'd use temping because I'd been so regular before. We abstained the first month off of BC and the second month abstained 5 days before ovulation and 5 days after. I got pregnant but m/c. After a normal cycle after the m/c, I got pregnant again.

I think for most women, the Pill doesn't have long lasting effects. I had normal cycles before being on the Pill so I don't know if that is why I had normal cycles after while women with irregular cycles are irregular after.

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I was on the pill for 7 yrs and went off it in March and was pg in May. This time I got off it in May so I can relearn my body and start keeping track so we can TTC next month. You shouldnt have any negative effects from the pill is what Ive heard. You'll just have to learn your body and start charting so you can see when you ovulate. GL The only thing Negative Ive noticed for myself is I break out more when off the pill oh well...

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I would definitely consult your Dr. before you come off. Some birth control's can cause different symptoms when "detoxing". GL! I would also wait until your wedding so that you don't have any acne or pd issues.