Boxers or Briefs?

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Boxers or Briefs?

my husband wears briefs, tonight he bought 2 packages of boxers! i'm so happy - all i had to do was ask and he is more than willing!

my sisters mother in law is a nurse and she was talking to her about us TTC and her advice was "tell her to make sure he wears boxers!"

also, is anyone on pre-natal vitamins while not pregnant? i'm confused about how this works but when my OBGYN told me to use folic acid yesterday i went to the drug store and saw 'one a day' pre natals, so i got them because on the box it said 'before, during, and while breast feeding' for use.

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Glad to hear he switched to boxers! Heat is bad for sperm development (hot tubs are out, too).

I started taking prenatals when I started TTC and have continued. If they constipate you (extra iron), you can take regular multivitamins or just add folic acid instead of taking a prenatal. Just make sure you get 400 micrograms of folic acid a day (most regular multivitamins have this amount).

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My on had me start taking them a year before we were going to ttc last time. The over the counter stuff should be fine if I have a normal healthy diet. Good luck!

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My DH was in briefs his whole life until we faced infertility issues. When we were diagnosed with low sperm count, he switched to boxers and prefers them. I think it definitely helped because it lets that part of his body stay cooler and breath better. So, great move!! Also, studies show that taking folic acid before getting pg significantly reduces the possibility of neuroligical disorders, so it's recommended that you start taking either a folic acid supplement or prenatal vitamin as soon as you start TTC.

I took a daily prenatal before we concieved DD and then kept taking it since I was nursing, and then we started TTC again, so I've not been off a prenatal in about 3 or 4 years now.


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My guy is always in boxers! Thankfully.

I'm taking a multi-vitamin with 800 micrograms of Folic Acid in it, the prenatals are too huge for me to swallow- I honestly think I would have to continue with only regular multi-vitamins because I choke on the prenatals. I'm hoping as long as I do get enough folic acid, that will be ok - I guess I'd have to talk to an OB about it once it happens!

Good luck!