CD3 Test Results - Tips/Advice on how to increase # of follicles?
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Thread: CD3 Test Results - Tips/Advice on how to increase # of follicles?

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    Default CD3 Test Results - Tips/Advice on how to increase # of follicles?


    So, I just got a call from the nurse with some of my CD3 test results (others had to be sent to a lab and will take some time to get back). Overall, especially for my age, the results are good!

    Here is what I have back so far:
    • Estrogen / Estradiol (E2): 56; should be under 60
    • FSH: 7.5; should be under 10
    • Prolactin: 3.82; should be under 25 (This was non-fasting since I forget about that part -- I pass out when I give alot of blood unless I eat and I had to give 6- 7 vials today - totally spaced the request to fast for the prolactin screen).
    • I have 7 early follicles; this is a bit low as they like to see 10-20 total. Anyone have any tips / advice on how to boost the number of follicles? Everything else was apparently good; wasn't given any specifics - the ultrasound tech joked that I was "boring"!
    • TSH: 2.05; should be <2.5 (This I had tested in July and they didn't repeat the screen today)
    Test results pending:
    • LH: should be under 10
    • AMH: should be 1.0 to 8.0
    • Genetic Disease Carrier Testing
    Next Test:
    • 9/9/13 for Saline HSG
    • Progesterone Test day 21-23 post ovulation
    Me: Christa, 41
    DH: Craig, 47 (Married: 8/19/05)
    DD: Kendall Evelyn (10/6/06)
    DS: Quentin Vincent (4/14/09)

    : November 2012@ 10 weeks (due date: 6/22/13)
    : June 2013 @ 7-1/2 weeks (due date: 2/10/14)
    : December 2013 @ 4 weeks (due date: 8/9/14)
    : April 2014 @ 4 weeks (due date: 1/1/15)
    : July 2014 @ 4 weeks - Chemical (due date: 3/5/15 )

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    I know nothing about what these numbers should be but glad they are good!
    - Becky

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    Your numbers seem totally normal. For the follicles, I never had more than 3 or 4 at CD3 and the doctors were never concerned by that.

    I would wait on the LH and AMH. The AMH is very important as it's a huge indicator of of egg reserves/egg quality.

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    I don't know how to increase the follies, but that number doesn't sound bad to me at all. I'm glad the results so far have been good. My BFF was told her AMH basically made her infertile and he ended up with a surprise pregnancy after stopping TTC.
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    AMH...that must be the test that Dr. K did before he did my tubal reversal. I couldn't remember the name of the test but it checked for egg count/quality. He said he wanted it to be at 1.0 or above but mine was 0.52

    With what you ladies are saying it sounds like the test I took was AMH.

    Anna your story gives me hope. Either way...right now DH and I are optimistic and stubborn and moving forward no matter what a test says.

    Christa, I hadn't responded to this thread before because I don't know anything about these tests but I'm glad everything is going well for you.
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