Change of plan (xp)

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Change of plan (xp)

Well after looking closely to our finances, I realized we have to wait a while till TTC... I am a little bummed about it but at the same time I am ok with it. I don't want to be stressed out about money on my mat leave.... better wait then stress over bills and not enjoy my new baby.
So we are back to our original plan of TTC in Feb to have a Nov baby. That way alot of our bills will be paid off. I made a plan and I have to stick with it. DH is on board with the plan so hope it goes according to plan.

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At least you took a look and realized how stressed you would be. Hope you can get bills taken care of to ease your mind during mat leave. I'll be watching for you in Feb.!

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That sounds like a good, solid plan! You definitely don't want to have to worry about finances when caring for a new baby. I'm sorry that you have to delay TTC a bit, but it sounds like the whole situation will be better for your family by waiting a bit. I hope you decide to stick around here in the meantime and keep with everyone, and I hope that you get pg right away in February so you get a Thanksgiving baby next year!