Chat anyone?

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Chat anyone?

What's happening? Any plans for the weekend?

DH's birthday is on Saturday and we are having his party on Saturday. I need to bake his cake tomorrow, I guess.

Anyone drink wine? I had a rough day and I'm drinking some wine tonight. . . who's with me!? (okay, i'm willing to admit I may have had enough)

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Hey girl!

We're going camping this weekend for the long weekend. Kennedy is VERY excited. She is quite the camper!

Wine...yum. I like fruit wine. I might be drinking if it weren't for the fact that my cycle is going WAY long and I'm not sure what's going on! My cycles are normally around 27 days and today marks day 33. I've taken 3 tests at various times, all negative. I'm thinking of doing FMU tomorrow just to see what I get. So annoying. I'm having some other symptoms too...but nothing SUPER concrete. I don't get a lot of pg problems right away.

Limbo-land sucks.

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I went to a bbq tonight, tomorrow is walking group and errands up town, packing and then groceries and a school fete. Sunday is Father's day so up early to make hubby breakfast and do gifts before he goes to work then packing up the car to drive down for a funeral, probaly let DS have a run on the beach when we get there.

I love wine, but TWW right now and too much driving to do but really I just want a few big glasses and relax, gues it's a cup of tea and biscuits instead seeing as dinner tonight was one chicken kebab stick and thats all.

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Today is my last day of work!! I will be cleaning house on Saturday. Maybe drive across the city and see how DHs mom is recovering from her surgery.

We start homeschooling on Monday, so I think Sunday I will be working on lesson plans and such.

We are also quitting smoking this weekend. DH is going the patches and gum route and I am going cold turkey, so I will be all grumbly for a while.

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I am at home all weekend, the DH is up camping with our friends. I decided that I am going to spoil myself and have a spa day tomorrow, so mani/pedi and massage on the docket!!
It's so funny you mention wine, I am actually debating if I should have a glass or not. My bottle is staring me down from the top of my fridge as we speak!
I got AF 2 days ago, so no baby this cycle, but we were hoping for next anyways, so I am good with it. My DH birthday is in 2.5 weeks and I should O in 1.5, and with school starting back up for me (and him) as well as sports, etc, we have a big couple of weeks ahead!!

Hope all is well with everyone! I think I just might have that wine Smile