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    Default CM Question!

    Soo... FF asks about CM... I cant remember the first options, like dry or sticky or somethingy, then theres creamy, watery, ewcm...

    What I wonder about is the difference in creamy and watery.. Can it be both? Like white makes me think creamy, yet if its wet to wipe would that make it wet too?

    I just keep trying to figure out because when I put creamy it says NOT fertile and if i put wet it says FERTILE so Im kind of torn on which to put..
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    What is the consistency more like? I usually base my CM charting on what the texture/elasticity is rather then just color or visual appearance alone. Sometimes it's tricky though because I can get wet CM and it isn't even around my fertile time, but FF will start charting it that way.
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    Well I am by no means an expert on the subject but I would think watery would be a little thinner and well, watery lol. I think creamy would be thicker consistency, I really don't think it has much to do with color in this case.
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    I forget.


    Watery for me is clear and pretty much very thin like water. Creamy is more like whipping cream consistency. Usually with a white tinge.

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    I also get confused by all the various descriptions that sometimes seem conflicting. I think you really have to just figure out what your own body does. For me, I get ewcm right before I O, which I THINK is the little non-pregnant cervical mucous plug coming out (in my case it is NOT totally clear like egg white, which confused me for a long time--I think they are talking about consistency, not color, as pp said), and then after that it's a watery consistency, and then dries up after I O.
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