Conception Getaway

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Conception Getaway

So, this is our first month TTC for our 1st and I thought we would start this journey off right with a weekend getaway! We are staying one night next weekend in Sedona, AZ, it's only a couple hours away and it is going to be so relaxing with lots of :lovebed:
Hopefully we can work our magic on our first month and this would make such a great story, has anyone else treated themselves for starting their TTC Journey???

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I think that is a fabulous idea! I also think it takes the stress out of things just a little bit. Trying to get pregnant should be enjoyable, and that seems to get lost in the process so often.

We haven't done anything to treat ourselves, but we are considering booking a cruise for spring break. It is intended to be our break before we add another baby to the mix.

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Sedona is beautiful, you'll have a great time!

No TTC vacation here, but we are leaving soon for a romantic vacation. Too bad it's the wrong time of my cycle for baby-making. Like Krystal6 it's our alone time before another baby. Smile

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We conceived our first on a week long camping trip to Big Bend... so highly recommend the desert...