Confused..Need advice

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Confused..Need advice

Okay, so according to my cycle I was supposed to ovulate last thursday-Sunday. So we BD'd. Well, I go out to buy my first pg test's for the 6th of next month and I start having this cramping. I get this weird feeling that I'm o'ing right now. I've been known to ovulate later on my past pregnancies, so what do you ladies thing? I'm cramping pretty much in the center/left of my uterus. Anyone else experience this. I haven't gotten an OPK because we've never had issues getting pg before, so I was just going to let it happen. Thanks!

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I would go ahead and BD's not going to hurt anything right...and maybe again tomorrow just to make sure. I'm sure DH won't mind!

I'll be honest, I'm really confused by the whole thing myself!

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I agree with pp!! I say bd until time when AF is supposed to show !! Good luckkkk

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I agree, BD! When in doubt BD!

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Yup! I would BD tonight and tomorrow night to be sure. GL!

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SOOOOOO many things can delay ovulation, so when in doubt BD again just in case!

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I agree with everyone else!!

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Definately can't hurt!