Confused on Progesterone results

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Confused on Progesterone results

I know its xmas eve but I just got my lab results and obviously my Dr is closed until the New Year & Im worried my results are bad! Im in Canada, so the measurement is different from the US as we measure in nmol/L and I find it hard to convert it - most answers online are in us stats.

Here are the results of my 7DPO progesterone test. I confirmed O with a + OPK, although I did have EWCM for two days about 4 days after the +

Progesterone 25 nmol/L
Follicular Phase Luteal Phase Midluteal Phase Postmenopausal

Any advice? I think that under 30 for progesterone means I did not ovulate? Im not good at translating this & hoping others here may be:)

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I'm not entirely sure because of the difference with the measurements, but it looks okay to me. It says that for the luteal phase that you should be between 2-50 and you're at 25 so that seems right in the middle to me. My doctor always says that with O the lower numbers are bad as in the lowest on the scale. I think if you're anywhere on the scale you're okay, but I'm not positive. I had some amazing numbers the last three months and last month in fact was 40 and they said I would have O'd even at 7. I'm not sure if this helps at all but I'm thinking with a number that's mid scale you're probably doing pretty good. Good luck sweetie!

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Thanks for the reply! I sure hope your right, Its not to easy to convert the measurements from what I could find online! I appreciate the support though, I feel better now!

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If you divide by 3.18, you will be able to compare your result to the US measurement (ng/mL). Here is my source:

And, here is your answer: 7.86 ng/mL

My RE said he wanted to see >5 ng/mL to indicate ovulation on an unmedicated cycle; he wanted >10 ng/mL on a medicated (Femara) cycle.

Hope that helps!