Cycle Day preggo, and no AF in sight.

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Cycle Day preggo, and no AF in sight.

Cycle Day 40. I finally took my temp again this morning to see if I may have ovulated recently. Nope. 96.02. I am so frustrated. I had postive OPK tests. I had EW. I did NOT have a temp jump.

Awful August is in my rearview mirror, along with the stress of it, but I really am just begging for AF to get here so I can start over. This is THE longest cycle I've had so far, by 5 days. 5 days is an eternity in baby making time. I'm trying to decide how much longer I should wait before I go see my doctor about, if nothing else, giving me a prescription to force my body to flush it out so I can start over. Though, at this point, it has been the 6 months, so maybe we should start asking about clomid, or something like that.

My fear about going to the doc is that he's just going to tell me that my weight is the problem. I know my weight is A problem, but that also doesnt stop other overweight people from conceiving. I'm eating better, but it takes more than that to lose weight.

Then there's the whole God's plan aspect of this. We purposely prevented for so long, to be RESPONSIBLE, and I'm going to be damn 31 in 3 months. I know it's not unusual for women in their 30s to get pregnant, but I feel like I'm in a place of wait. I'm involved in so many outside things with church and advising for my sorority, philanthropy, and my mary kay business, etc....but part of the reason for that is I dont have a kid at home to take care of. People ask me all the time "how do you have time for everything that you do?" Answer: i dont have rugrats to chase. Maybe this is God's plan because we arent where we need to be with money yet. But I also believe that God gave us doctors to help us when our bodys arent doing the right things. i dont think that because it hasnt happened on it's own doesnt mean it's not MEANT to happen.

I just dont know what to do. I dont know if I should go ahead and try to schedule an appt for maybe the week after next, and just cancel it if the old which arrives, or if I should just wait it out a little longer.

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I know it a frustrating process, especially when you feel like the clock is ticking. Some women don't always have the obvious temp shifts that you see. It doesn't necessarily mean that you didn't ovulate. Though the long cycle might suggest a later O date. I hope your doctor can help you get it figured out. I also know that weight can be a factor, and feared that it was part of why I didn't conceive for so long, but bigger women than me have gotten pg so I wouldn't let that weigh too heavily on your mind. Since you are eating better, that should help.

We don't know what God's plans for us are. But whatever they are, you can have faith that it'll be for the best. God knows best when the right time is for you to get pg. He is there and always hears your prayers, and He will answer them.

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I definitely understand about the 'God's Plan' aspect of it all. We even got to the point, before DD, where we thought God must not want us to have our own children. We were training to become foster parents when I found out I was pregnant.

God did give us doctors and medicines, but He is also capable of both miracle babies conceived without drugs AND saying, "No not now. Even with your great fertility treatments. That's not the plan."

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I know this must be hard for you....this whole process is tiring emotionally and is stressful. We never know what God has in store for us and sometimes we want things a certain way and God makes us wait a bit...but he did tell us to go and're still plenty young. Don't give up and I hope you have the peace to finish this cycle and start a new one.

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Have you been tested for PCOS? We tried for near 10 months before I was diagnosed and I only ovulated twice in those 10 months. Also, it may help indicate why you have weight issues (please don't think I'm suggesting you do, I'm basing this off your post Smile ). PCOS causes hormonal imbalance likely caused by insulin resistance. As such, most women with PCOS are overweight.

For me, I had unnaturally low temps (baseline was between 95.9 and 96.5) - this should have been my first clue something is up. Second, I always had "near" positive OPKs. I have now learned that it was b\c your LH hormones are out of whack when you have PCOS, so the test is never reliable. Finally, I never had a temperature shift. My cycles honestly lasted close to 100 days at a time, but my boobs would hurt every so often like my body wanted something to happen.

Anyway, my goal is not to scare you. Typically, I would not leave my signature up in a forum like this, but I just wanted to show you it can happen - even if you do have PCOS.

My advice is go to the doctor and tell him you "irregular cycles" and you would like a hormone panel. There may be *nothing* wrong but I don't want you to have to wait the 11 months I did to only realize that you then need fertility medications (which work!!).

Good luck. Lots of baby dust!!!

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I understand your frustration. We also waited for years to have kids, thinking we were being responsible. Now I am 34, and I am regretting that we waited so long. I feel the clock ticking, and every time I get my AF, it seems to tick even louder. The only positive thing that came out of losing our first born last year was learning that we can have kids. I just wish it would happen sooner than later, and I hope the baby is healthy this time. I can also relate with the weight issue. I am heavier now than I've ever been in my life. I didn't do anything to lose the weight from my last pregnancy (too depressed), and I'm worried that it is affecting my ability to get PG now. I guess we'll see what happens. Good luck to you. Try to stay positive and have patience. I'll try to take my own advice! Smile

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My normal cycle is about 35 days. During my 3 years of TTC DS, I had 2 very random 60 something day cycles. Apparently it's not out of the realm of normal to have 1-2 strange messed up cycles a year. Extremely frustrating!

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Thanks everyone. I think I am going to call the doc this week to go chat with him, and see about possibly being tested for whatever they think might be necessary. I bought a pregnancy test yesterday just for the hell of it, and of course, it was negative. I am frustrated, but it sounds like many of you have had similar experiences. I'm definitely at a point now where I at least want to talk to a doctor to, if nothing else, get it documented, so that it's still an issue 3-6 months from now, there will at least be a trend.

Thank you for all the suggestions and encouragement.

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I called yesterday to set up an appt with the doc for next week, and today the old witch arrives! At least now I can start over. I still plan on taking my doc appt next week just to check everything out.