dental work advice help!!!

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dental work advice help!!!

I know i haven't posted here since dh and I were not officially ttc, but i was wondering what you all thought about dental work while ttc, or during early pregnancy?

I have been suffering with a toothache since Friday, and i am in the tww, i think i am pg, but its too early to tell, and the tooth in question has been filled previously but i knew might be a problem well is now causing me not to sleep well, also basically pain on the one side of my whole mouth. called the and dentist said to have a pulpectomy then send me out for root canal and crown, he doesn't do root canals on back molars. they want to relive my pain and start work on Wednesday, when af is due, so far still bfn.

I have read from actual dentist it is ok to have dental work but let them know ttc/ possible pregnant. I am also still nursing my daughter.

Until then i am suffering only taking tylenol.

i guess me question is what would you do?

I am also worried they will have to end up extracting the tooth sooner or later regardless of the root canal and crown.
they will always tell patients to try and save the tooth. ugh i almost want them to just rip it out.

help advice experience?

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It sounds like you're in tremendous pain! If it were me I would go see the dentist as soon as possible. If you leave it it could get infected and then you're endangering your own health not just the baby's.

Also ask them what they think the chances are of the root canal & crown being successful in the long term. Then if they say not too good then you can tell them to just pull the tooth right then.

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I think you should be good with the numbing shots and nitrous oxide, while ttc or breast feeding, the problem comes when you get to the post pain part, my last root canal they did a really good job and I never even had to fill my script. If it were me though I would skip the pulp and go straight to the dentist that could do the root canal (because I am cheap like that.)

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thanks for the response. I didn't end up at my dentist long story short the receptionist pissed me off entirely, and i ended up where i was referred to a few months back. different dentist. I am reall upset tho sicne i love my dentist he just doesn't do root canals on molars.
I they gave me Tylenol with coden and antibiotic. they didn't so new ex-rays since i just had them done in January.
I have to wait until next wednesday, and they won't use nitrous oxide if i am pg.
I am still waiting bfn but no af either.