Do you do it everyday or every other day?

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Do you do it everyday or every other day?

I did some research on the differences between CM. Looked at some pictures and read some descriptions. I think that the day I felt watery on CD9 was sperm and I believe I was actually dry/damp. CD10 I was certainly Dry/Damp. Today is CD11 and I actually felt wet in the outside of the vagina. When I checked for CM I got some wet stuff that couldn't be stretched. Sorry for TMI.

What I'm thinking is that I've actually been "dry" the last two days because I only felt actual signs of CM. Today I certainly have CM. So I changed my chart from Watery on CD9 & 10 to Dry and changed it to Watery for today.

Here's my question tho.
DH and I have been DTD everyday since CD7. Last night it took some sexy lingerie to get him interested. He has a production job that leaves him drained and tired when he gets home and I can just tell that he's tired of DTD every single night. Is it ok to skip a day on a fertile CM day?

I got a neg OPK yesterday too. I bought a BBT thermometer last night. This morning my first recorded temp is 97.47 ...I don't think I'm gonna O today. I'm just concerned that I'm draining DH lol and if he needs a break from DTD every day...that perhaps now would be the best time.

Do you gals do it every day or every other day?

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I have heard every other day is better for the sperm. Here it's whatever works, sometimes around O it's everyday, other times every other day, depends on how tired I am as hubby doesn't get home from work until around 10pm which is when I am going to bed and out 2 year old doesn't sleep through and wakes around 11pm screaming

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So I wait until I get a positive OPK, then DTD 3 days/nights straight. For me, every other day doesn't work. I also ensure that there is no old sperm (try to DTD regularly but not too often - thi is like an art rather than a science!). I use the OPK in combo with BBT so that I know what's coming and what's passed. I have had trouble distinguishing between cm and sperm so I don't even bother. HTH!

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We try to DTD every other night. I read some place that DTD multiple times a day around O isn't good sperm wise because then his body is rushing to produce if that makes sense. We may DTD every day for 2-3 days around O because my sex drive increases around O (that's a sign I personally watch for) but we try not to do multiple times a day and at least every other day.

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We also DTD every other day/night. I've read that it's good to have the between as a break for your body (old sperm) and good for DH to relax.

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We're back to our regular schedule. Every other day or every couple days. Now we're just waiting...I can't wait to test.