Dollar Store OPKs

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Dollar Store OPKs

Anyone used dollar store OPKs before? I've used pregnancy tests from various dollar stores, but never an OPK.

This is our first official month TTCing and at first I thought I really didnt' want to use any OPKs to keep it simple, and because my cycles are pretty predictable (based on cm), but we really would love the due date we'd have if we get pregnant this cycle so I'm on the fence now.

If you've used them, do you like them as much/equally as Wondfo or other online opks?

I don't want to drive myself nuts, but we've had to put off TTCing for 5 months so I'm anxious lol.

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I haven't used the dollar store ones. I have used the generic target and walmart ones, as well as the wondfos! I understand... I started OPKs right away!

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I haven't used those. The only ones that I've bought locally (as opposed to ordering wondfos) are ones that come in a tube. They carry them at Target and Walmart, but I can't think of the brand. Seems like there are 20 test strips? The tube is inside a box though.

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I caved this morning and ordered a combo of 10 hpts and a bunch of opks from wondfos off Amazon which should be here friday. Should O early next week. Eek!

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I was just gonna come say that Dollar Store stuff is the best! I got my BFP at 10DPO on a dollar store HPT. But I have heard good things about their OPKs.

Seeing as you already got yours off amazon, this point is moot. But just putting it out there anyway, in case any lurkers were wondering Biggrin

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Oh don't worry, I have an answer brand HPT and a couple dollar store cheapies. Even if I do get an early BFP, I'll be peeing on everything for comparison sake. If my order doesn't get here by the weekend, I'll be hitting the dollar store just to get things rolling. Biggrin