Don't think I'm going anywhere yet

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Don't think I'm going anywhere yet

Well I tested yesterday, got a light positive (on DYSAL). But my HCG was only 7.1! That is ridiculously low. Unbelievable that it actually turned up on a FRER! Today's test is a bit lighter than yesterdays (but still there). So I am certain this is going nowhere. I don't feel a bit pregnant, but more like AF is knocking. I don't know whether to feel encouraged, or discouraged about this. I guess I am more discouraged since I also had a m/c in May (but not this low), and had 4 months of nothing in between. Now I expect to not get pregnant again anytime soon, and I'll be worried about loss all the time too. For a few short hours yesterday, I was really hoping to be done TTC forever and now back to the drawing board, and decisions about where to go from here. Sad

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I'm so sorry.


I never knew it would pick up that low of hcg.

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:comfort: I am so sorry! I just hate that for you. I am surprised that even the FRER would pick it up that low. I hope you'll stick around here and KUP on how things are going.

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