dreaded implantation question!

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dreaded implantation question!

I'm not sure exactly when I ovulated, but the last time hubby and I did the deed was about 2 weeks ago. Obviously I'm still having all my symptoms still (sore breasts, sensitive nipples, cramping, constipation, backache, possible rl pain, headache, missed pd as of yesterday) but yesterday I was sitting at the table talking to my mom and I started get these awful sharp pains on the left side of my uterus? left ovary? started slow then got really sharp to where I had to stop talking. It only lasted a couple minutes and I haven't felt it since then, but my abdominal discomfort seems to be a little stronger since then. I don't remember feeling implantation with my other 2 so I'm not really sure what it was. Could that be why I'm not getting a BFP if I am pregnant?

I'm kind of slow. Looking at my chart again, we danced in bed on the 29th so that was about 9 days ago.

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It could be late implantation, I suppose. When did you POAS? Some women take longer to build up enough HCG to get a BFP. Definitely, KUP! Are you planning to POAS again?

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If I don't start by Friday morning I will take another test. I just did it yesterday morning.

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Oooh, sounds hopeful!

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