DTD w/AF = BFP ??

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DTD w/AF = BFP ??

Hi gals. I have a ?

On CD3 DH and I DTD that night...We also DTD on CD4 in the am. Today is CD5 and I'm not bleeding at all anymore. I put light on my chart...Usually my cycles start heavy. I don't even have preAF spotting. It's heavy for several days and then slowly goes away around CD6 or CD7.

We had my tubes untied on 7/19/13 and my cycle started right on time. Now I'm all confused because it started on time but seems to be leaving early.

Has anyone ever experienced this? Does it even mean anything?
I'm sorry if it's a stupid question. This is our first cycle for TTC. I'm nervous and excited all at once...

Edit: Also...the only reason we DTD during AF was because we had to wait 10 days after the surgery and AF came right about then...we "couldn't" wait anymore.

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It's likely just an off cycle. It would be extremely difficult to get pg during AF though not impossible. Do you have really short cycles?

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my cycles are 26 days some months and 27 days other months. Fertility friend has my average cycle length at 27 days. Before the tubal ligation reversal i had VERY heavy AFs that lasted 7 days long. And I had a ton of symptoms to go with it that gradual had become worse over the past 4 years since my tubes were tied.

My AF symptoms are light this month and the flow is light. I finally got a light flow again that night. It's light today too.

I've always kept track of when my periods would come but I've never actually TTC...checking for the O and everything. I'm still getting the hang of what my body is doing. However, the majority of my questions and so forth come from my impatience and excitement. Waiting for AF to leave to start the TTC process for the first time.. it seems like everyday is dragging along. lol.

Thanks for chatting with me.