Fact or Fiction about TTC

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Fact or Fiction about TTC

Hey gals. I have a few things running through my mind today. I'm on CD 10. I'm thinking that my fertile days are either here or coming. I had watery CM yesterday (CD9) and when I put it on my chart it changed it to a possible fertile day.

DH and I DTD yesterday morning...is it possible that the watery feeling was just sperm? I feel ignorant about all of this stuff.

I mean I wonder what day I should actually start taking the OPKs seriously. I took one yesterday and it was a little darker than CD7 but still not two dark lines.
Is it true that it has to be 2 dark lines for a positive test?

Also...I wonder if holding my legs up afterward is going to help things...

Anyone have any opinions about this stuff?

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On an OPK it does need to be two dark lines to be considered a true positive. However, it is possible to miss the LH surge and you might have it where it keeps getting darker and then suddenly gets lighter without ever giving you a TRUE positive. In that case it would be likely that you just missed the big surge and you could assume you ovulated or are ovulating. Watery CM is fertile CM so entering that in your chart would likely cause it to consider you in the fertile window. I suppose its possible to mistake sperm for watery CM, but you would be more likely to mistake sperm and EWCM since they are more similar in texture generally.

I don't know if there is any proof that holding your legs up after helps any but it definitely won't hurt any. I say use gravity all tyou can. I've been known to but a pillow under my butt and stick my legs in the air after to help the little spermies find their way. Wink

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Thank you Anna. I'm so thankful to have people to talk to.

I saw my fertility dr today for my 2 week post op appointment. He assured me again that my tubes looked fantastic and the filshie clips had done little harm to them. Dr Kavoussi is just as excited as DH and I.

My dr keeps saying he expects us to catch this egg and miss my period this month. He also told me to start DTD every day or every other day starting now and until CD16 to make sure we catch the egg. DH have pretty much already started that lol. We're both excited and anxious.

Oh and my dr said I may not get a positive OPK until CD13 - CD15. ... Waiting, waiting, waiting. I told him that the days seem to go by so slowly...just waiting for the O to come. He reminds me that we're almost there...one day at a time.

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I totally believe in holding my legs up!!!