Feedback Needed on Chart!

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Feedback Needed on Chart!


Would you ladies mind giving me your input / thoughts on my chart?

I?m confused this cycle;I got cross hairs yesterday confirming ovulation CD14; but, if I leave in the OPK results on CD15 and put in high temps for the next few days, it moves the O day to CD16? So, when do you think I ovulated, if you think that I did!

My norm has been CD17 (which is usally the day of my peak or at least the following day), but with this being the second cycle on vitex and the new supplements from the naturopath, it wouldn't be unlikely that my O date moved. Plus, I did progesterone last cycle for the first time since my post O level was low -- so, the extra boost from that may also have helped to regulate things a bit more. I also didn't feel as much O pains this month and my CM was still more watery CD15/16 than it usually is post ovulation, but I did have some patches of creamy. Making it even harder to analyze, my temps weren't taken consistently at the same time!

I'm so worried that maybe I didn't actually ovualte that I waited until today to start the progesterone again. Plus, I know on the progesterone, my temp will jump which increases the chance that the O date will move again. I was really tempted to skip the progesterone and stick with natural this cycle just to see what happens. But, I think I would regret it more if I don't do it.

Here is some more info, which is also why I'm confused!

Clear Blue Easy Monitor gave a high reading
Wondfo OPK at 8pm was VERY close to positive
First Response OPK - negative

Photo is of the 8pm OPK

Monitor gave a peak
Wondfo OPK at 6am - positive
Wondfo OPK at 2pm - positive
Wondfo OPK at 8pm - VERY positive; test line darker than control
FR OPK at 8pm ? negative

Photo is of the 8pm OPK/FR test

Decided to test with multiple brands just in case the FR OPK was right! All tests taken at 1pm;

Monitor ? gives an automatic second peak after the first; so today was the automatic peak (not an actual test reading)
Wondfo OPK ? hard to tell; it looked close to positive, but was maybe slightly lighter than the control line
FR OPK ? positive
Clear Blue Easy Digitial ? Negative (this test gives low-high-peak; it was a low result)
Answer Brand ? Negative
Dollar Tree OPK ? Positive

Close up of the line tests

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I would go with majority rules.....looks like cd14 was your surge.....

Any cycles I have done multiple tracking (OPKs, temping, bloodwork, etc) they very rarely told the same story (my temp wouldrise the day I got my +ve OPK, or bloodwork would show I O'd before I got my +ve or had a temp rise)

My RE doesn't recommend OPKs because he says that often by the time you get a +ve, you've already missed your prime time....and based on the amount of people who use them obsessively (said with no judgement Smile ) on here, if they were that good a predictor, then there would be more people getting lucky more quickly. (Not to say that they don't work for some people - but I don't think they are for everyone)

Based on the continuous rise, you have definately O'd .....are you concerned about when just for DPO counting? If you are an early tester, I would say go with the later O date for counting to spare yourself testing too early!

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That is confusing. I don't have any ideas honestly on whether you O'd on 14 or 16, but I hope you covered your bases and DTD to cover both. I hope this is your month!! Good Luck!

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I'm late weighing in, but CD 14 looks likely to me, but with the progesterone, it could look a bit different. What CD did you start taking it? Regardless, your chart looks nice. Smile

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Hi all: thanks for the replies. I started the prometrium on day 18. FF moved my o to day 16. But if I change the analysis method I get cross hairs on CD14-16. I guess time will tell. So far, testing negative.