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FF question

Hi girls. Biggrin
So, does it normally take some time to be able to get crosshairs on FF? Most of my temps are open circles, because I didn't temp at the same exact time everyday, which I know now I have to do. Please correct me if there could be another reason. I am on CD24, and not sure when/if I ovulated this month. This is my first month charting... Usually I'm pretty good about knowing when by O pain and cm.. but I haven't had any O pain this month, and have had one good day of ewcm on CD19, the rest has all been watery tmi or milky looking? Any help on crosshairs would be greatly appreciated. I guess I'm just going to have to start using OPKS!

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In my experience, it usually takes three temperatures to get cross hairs. BUt, doing OPK's definitely isn't a bad idea either Smile :goodluck: