First visit with the endo doctor

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First visit with the endo doctor

Well, he says he's 98% certain I have endometriosis. He could see from a pelvic exam and an ultrasound that my uterus, cervix, and left ovary are shifted to the left, so he thinks most of it is concentrated around that side. We're scheduling surgery for sometime right before Thanksgiving, which is only 2 weeks away :eek: But he thinks that I probably have about stage 2 endo, and that in most of his stage 2 patients they have their fertility return to normal levels after surgery. So we're looking at March 2012 as the earliest I can expect to get pregnant (he puts patients on birth control pills for three months after surgery), which would mean December 2012 as the earliest I can have a baby.

So it looks like I'm taking a four month break... but hopefully when I come back I'll be pain-free and fertile. And hopefully none of you will still be here to remember me. Wink

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I'm sorry that you are facing surgery, but very glad you got answers and soon will be on your renewed path to TTC! I hope that you will come back and update after the surgery to let us know how things go -- and also invite you to continue to hang out either here and/or other areas of our community for more general conversation.

I also wanted to mention that I'd like to try to start a new homeschool board. We had one in the past but people got busy (which certainly is understandable!) I have been happy to see new (and old) homeschool families though throughout the site. Please drop me a note at [email][/email] and let me know if this is a feature you'd be interested in!

Best wishes!

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Glad to hear that you probably have an answer and that you'll be back in a few months. My sister went through surgery for stage 3 endo and went on to have 5 children.

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Wow, that happened fast! I guess it's good, in a way, so that you can get it taken care of and get back to TTC fast. 4 months isn't that long to wait, and hopefully you'll get that Dec. 2012 baby!!

Please come back and let us know how the surgery goes. Feel free to stick around here or on other boards. I'll definitely be around when you get back on the TTC wagon!

Good Luck and I hope to see you checking in here.

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I hope you stick around here, too! Realistically, I'll probably still be here when you get back. I'm still bf'ing and don't have plans to stop. Four months should give us plenty of time to get to know each other. Maybe we'll end up on the same bb... Wink

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Harmony I'm so glad you've gotten your answer. I hope that this all goes by very fast for you and that you feel so much better once it's all over as I'm sure you will! It sounds like this doctor knows what he's talking about and is aggressive in getting you taken care of which I think is great. I'll be thinking about you and praying for you! I think this will be a really good thing for you even though the break seems so long. I think you'll just feel so much better in the long run and that you'll get pregnant quickly after things are all fixed. Take care of yourself sweetie and good luck!

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Good luck with everything Harmony. Hopefully you are back for a quick stay after surgery! Although, I'd love to not be here anymore myself! I think you will feel much better after surgery. Take some time to relax from all things TTC for a while! Keep us posted on how you are doing.